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  Fix for 'Freeze/Lag' issue is now live!
Posted by: B3 - Today, 01:14 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Fix for 'Freeze/Lag' issue is now live!

We have just added a patch to fix the lag/stutter issue that some of our players have been experiencing that stops them from playing

At launch, some of our players were experiencing a stutter or freeze every 3-4 seconds in the menu, training map and game servers. Programmer 'Kevin' worked tirelessly to identify the issue and apply a fix as fast as possible.

If you were one of the players with this issue, all you need to do it go to Steam and download the update for Battalion 1944, some of you will have it automatically installed but if you'd like to be extra sure it's downloaded just restart Steam and it will check for updates!

Thank you to everyone who reported and helped to test this bug. If you experienced the freeze every 3 to 4 seconds both in the menu, and in-game; please let us know if this update fixed the issue for you. There may be other problems that behave similarly that we still need to track down; but we believe this fix will work for the majority of players



  Battalion 1944 Full Release is OUT NOW!
Posted by: B3 - 24-05-2019, 08:42 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Battalion 1944 Full Release is OUT NOW!

After the usual teething issues of a multiplayer game launch, Battalion 1944 is alive and kicking on Steam!


Battalion 1944 is finally out of Early Access. We've been hard at work for the last year on Battalion 1944 to make the experience as good as we can for every kind of player. If you're one of the people who were part of the rough launch to Early Access back in February, then you should definitely watch the timeline of the changes that Battalion 1944 has gone through since launch to turn it into the game it is now.


We're still very actively working on updates, improvements, and changes! We'll also be kicking off some more rewards for playing this weekend. We also hope you're enjoying our new free BattleRank season!

Support & Help
Support Forum
This is the best place to go because all of our solutions can be tracked and other players with similar issues can find solutions. But also, because you can see that we're actually working on your issues!

Whilst discord isn't great for tracking bugs, its a good way to get quick help and support. Our community are pretty good at giving answers so definitely go here for uber fast support.

Thankyou so much for your support during early Access. Please let us know of any issues on your tech support forum & see you guys in game!
Bulkhead Interactive


  Announcing Rifles Only Special Event and Team Ladders!
Posted by: B3 - 23-05-2019, 04:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Announcing Rifles Only Special Event and Team Ladders!

Coming to Battalion this weekend is a special Rifles Only event and Heroes Team Ladders!
We are hurtling towards from full release later today, it’s time for us to announce a little extra feature we’ve been working on that classic FPS fans will love! After spending hours and hours on official 24/7 rifles only servers - we’ve decided to open a new limited time event queue that will let players do exactly that.

The first ever Battalion 1944 limited time event:
Free for All 24/7 Rifles Only - on the new russian map, Vanguard

Even better news is that - on official event servers - you still gain XP, medals and rewards for your gameplay! Meaning you’ll be able to jumpstart your BattleRank Season 3 progress with a blast on the new Vanguard map with bolt action rifles.

This only the first limited time event that we’ll be running… did someone say baikals only?

Battalion 1944 is now finally feeling like a polished game with it’s own identity and feel. It’s roots are deep and strong, grounded in classic shooters such as COD2, COD4 and Enemy Territory. You can feel the inspiration bleeding through into Battalion’s movement and gunplay… just updated with the challenges, progression and competitive faceit integration that FPS games like this need in the modern gaming landscape.

We’re excited to announce another unique competitive feature coming to Battalion! Courtesy of The Plays, we will be running monthly ladders for teams to compete in with prizes and fierce competition in every region we support!

What is The Heroes Ladder?
The Heroes Ladder is a monthly competition for teams. Teams compete whenever they like at any time of the day against other teams in the ladder. Points are given for wins and taken away for losses. The regular seasons of The HL will contribute towards your Faceit elo.
How do I join The Heroes Ladder?
To join the ladder, you’ll need to create a team on Faceit first, on the left hand side there is a button where you can click on “teams” in the faceit web browser, client, or in-game overlay.
If you're ready to join the Heroes Ladder, you can join here: http://ThePlays.gg/Faceit
Where do I find the ladder in game once I have joined?
You can use the ladder in game or using faceit outside of the game via web or client. When in game, enter the competitive screen and click ‘tournaments’ in the top right. The Faceit overlay will appear. On the right side of the overlay click on the ‘Hubs’ drop down.
How do I join a match?
Your captain will need to click on the ‘play’ button on the Ladder/Hub specifically in the in-game overlay, client, or website. You should make sure you are in-game sitting on the competitive menu, the game will automatically place you in the match and will take you to the map vote screen!

We can’t wait to see you guys on the servers tonight!

Battalion 1944 Full Release will go live today!

17:00 (BST)
09:00 (PST)
18:00 (CEST)
13:00 (BRT)
02:00 (AEST)

The update size is 7.8GB (If you have the old version installed).
Please be aware Valve is incharge of setting the game live 'around' these times.

See you in the servers!
Bulkhead Interactive


  Livestream & Showcase displaying Battalion's full release!
Posted by: B3 - 17-05-2019, 10:33 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Livestream & Showcase displaying Battalion's full release!

On Monday May 20th at 19:00 BST you will be able to see Battalion’s full release played live on twitch in a developer showmatch between Team_Howard and Team_Brammer

We are hurtling towards from full release on May 23rd, it’s time for us to show what we’ve been doing for the last 14 months! Battalion 1944 is now feeling like a polished game with it’s own identity and feel. It’s roots are deep and strong, grounded in classic shooters such as COD2, COD4 and Enemy Territory. You can feel the inspiration bleeding through into Battalion’s movement and gunplay.

What will we be showing?
The stream will last approximately 3 hours. The devs have been in regular daily testing for some months now, the rivalry between team_howard and team_brammer is passionate, for the devs this is the grand finale! It’s our chance to confidently show our fans just how fun the game can be.

You’ll be seeing all the new weapons, new economy, spectator improvements, movement improvements, map design changes, new maps (including Vanguard), and all the visual and audio improvements we have made to the game.

Stream Details

You will be able to watch the stream on either the Faceit channel or ThePlays.
Both links to the channels are posted below.


19:00 BST (London)
20:00 CEST (Berlin)
13:00 CDT (Texas)
14:00 EDT (New York)
21:00 MSK (Moscow)
15:00 BRT (Sao Paulo)
04:30 ACT (Canberra)

With two great casters making a reappearance to the scene, we’re looking forward to a relatively laid back showmatch displaying the latest version of Battalion 1944! See you Monday night!

Are you for Team_howard or Team_brammer?

P.S. We've still got more content and improvements to announce next week!


  New Weapons: Russian Automatic Weapons
Posted by: B3 - 17-05-2019, 09:21 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New Weapons: Russian Automatic Weapons

The Russian automatic weapons are challenging, exciting, rewarding, and lethal!
We're super pumped to be able to finally start revealing some of the Russian weapons coming to Battalion 1944 on May 23rd 2019!

The Russian weapons carry similar traits to the American and German weapons, but always with a slight twist and a dash of rugged Russian personality.

The PPS-43 is the Russian default weapon that all players initially spawn with. Despite having the same stats as the Grease Gun and the MP28, the PPS-43 is a favourite of some of the devs. It's familiar recoil pattern and powerful sound effect make it feel epic to fire into your opponents. Whilst it's far from the most powerful weapon in the game, it's an intense weapon to play with and it feels great to rattle off shots.

Fedorov Avtomat
The Fedorov Avtomat takes centre stage as the Russian equivalent of the STG-44 or the BAR. It's sluggish rate of fire is made up for by its power and ability to kill with just one shot to the head. Don't be under any illusions, this is a tough weapon to handle. But if you can wrangle it, your opponents are in for one hell of a ride. If you're skilled at controlling recoil, this is the gun for you. If you can tame it you'll lay waste to anyone who dares cross an open street. The Federov is a jack of all trades with a great sound.. 'Dush Dush Dush Dush'

The PPSh is a fan favourite amongst history buffs, competitive gamers, and old school shooter fans alike. In the current generation it is regularly reduced to a weak and pithy rapid 'pea shooter'. Not in Battalion, we have restored the PPSh to its rightful place as king of the sub machine guns. Tearing through enemies who enter its peak range. With 35 bullets spraying out of its drum in just a few seconds, it's a weapon anyone can pick up, but only few can master. When we began designing the PPSh in Battalion we had one goal in mind.. Make The PPSh Great Again!

Russia's mystique and rich history has given our artists a great starting point for some truly special skins. Wanting to give a nod to some of the wild beasts of Russia sharing metaphorical similarities with our take on these iconic weapons. Here are just 3 of the many skins you'll be able to equip when playing as the Russians on May 23rd.

Do you have any ideas for naming these skins? Let us know in the comments or on twitter.. Tweet us @Battalion1944, if we use your name we may just send you the skin!

Thanks everyone, still even more content and announcements to come!


  South American Support & Blitzkrieg Battles Return!
Posted by: B3 - 16-05-2019, 10:27 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

South American Support & Blitzkrieg Battles Return!

We’d like to announce a few things..

We are now just one week away from full release on May 23rd. We're currently putting out two updates a day! We'd like to apologise for dropping this much information on you all at once, but there's just so much to discuss! Today, we have a 'non game' related update first before we get to the gameplay update later today.

Supporting South America
For a long time we’ve been discussing internally and with Faceit whether we should look to support the South American community. After much back and forth with the South American community, we have decided to host servers in Sao Paulo for both Arcade and Faceit (Competitive). This decision has been made after the support from the community for the last 12 months, but notably the SA community have ‘Revolut’ to thank for his efforts.

First Cups & Initial Tournaments Announced
We are excited to continue our partnership with The Plays. Tournaments will be exclusively held on the FACEIT platform and are to be featured in the Battalion 1944 game client.

Initially the two supported regions for these extra-special events are Europe and North America, with each region having its own tournament on alternating weekends to allow for the level of competition to grow with the game’s release. The champions of each weekly event will receive $500 cash and an exclusive invite to the final week of hard-fought battles where an additional cash prize will be waiting for the winners.

Blitzkrieg Battle: Europe - Season 1

  • Week 1: Sunday 2nd June
  • Week 2: Sunday 16th June
  • Week 3: Sunday 30th June
  • Week 4: Sunday 14th July
  • Week 5: Sunday 28th July (Season Finals)

Blitzkrieg Battle: North America - Season 1

  • Week 1: Saturday 8th June
  • Week 2: Saturday 22nd June
  • Week 3: Saturday 6th July
  • Week 4: Saturday 20th July
  • Week 5: Saturday 3rd August (Season Finals)

With $5000 up for grabs it's a no brainer for our competitive players out there, and don't worry we'll be talking about team only ladders soon too!

There’s more to announce today than just tournaments and server support! Later today we’ll be showing off some of the automatic weapons in Battalion and discussing some of the pros and cons of each weapon. For now, thanks to everybody for the support this last few weeks!

Remember, there is a whole host of quality of life changes, bug fixes, general improvements, and minor tweaks. There are simply too many to go into detail about every single one, Battalion 1944 is virtually a new game at full release.

Thank you everybody and obrigado!


  New Map: Vanguard
Posted by: B3 - 16-05-2019, 12:31 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New Map: Vanguard

New Russian map ‘Vanguard’ coming at full release on May 23rd 2019!
Battalion 1944’s full release is so close! On May 23rd you’ll be able to play mountains of new content! Today we’re revealing ‘Vanguard’, our new competitive Russian map that also plays as an intense Capture the Flag map.

Make no mistake, the priority of Vanguard was gameplay first. We wanted to totally change the visual experience of this map, so the obvious choice was snow! This is our first snow map, snow gives us a great contrast between the indoors and outdoors. Diving into a building to get out the street feels great as a result of the warm interior lighting and the bitterly cold exterior lighting. Whilst the map does have fog, you may tweak your settings for improved visibility if you prefer playing on a lower quality graphical setting.

The Russian architecture from that time period makes for iconic landmarks within the level, but at the same time we are able to use big blocky shapes to create a well balanced level without awkwardly shaped objects and buildings. Vanguard plays really well as a Wartide map but we had a lot of fun using it on Capture the Flag. The midstreet is a favourite amongst patient snipers in both Wartide and Capture the Flag. Holding the street in the late game is a popular strategy for catching rotating players in the later part of the game.

We are incredibly excited to be this close to release! Soon we’ll officially announce our showmatch and livestream where you can see the map being played live on Monday the 20th of May.

If you have any questions about Vanguard, tweet @Battalion1944 or jump into the official discord and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you

And there’s a lot more to come!


  Adding Recoil
Posted by: B3 - 16-05-2019, 12:31 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Adding Recoil

After community testing and feedback Battalion has added recoil to improve the gunplay and weapon feel

Originally upon Battalion's release, as designers we made the decision to build the game and gunplay with very little recoil, if any at all. Instead we opted for horizontal animation based recoil (similar to COD4's AK74u).

The community have been vocal about the fact that whilst the rifles feel great, the automatic weapons have always lacked skill, felt weightless, and simply were not fun to use.

We have since added recoil patterns and drastically increased the amount weapons recoil. See for yourself in this side by side video of the STG and the MP44.

The Result
The result of increasing recoil has been an extremely positive one! Whilst the recoil has only been tested in betas that we ran through the discord Battalion community. The feedback was unanimous in the opinion that the recoil made the automatic weapons feel great to use and fun to control. The recoil is certainly a new challenging aspect to the game, it has also increased the time to kill.
In the image below you can see the huge difference between the recoil in the old version of Battalion and the soon to be released version.

Every automatic weapon has had its recoil increased.

Adding recoil has only improved the game. Creating a more challenging, entertaining, and skilful experience.

If you have any thoughts on the recoil, please let us know here or on any of our other social pages! Recoil will be live with full release on May 23rd 2019!



  New Map: Goldrush
Posted by: B3 - 15-05-2019, 05:11 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New Map: Goldrush

New map ‘Goldrush’ is one of our new Russian maps specifically designed for Capture the Flag

Battalion 1944’s full release is just around the corner. This week we’re revealing a whole host of information! On May 23rd a whole host of new maps will be available to players. This is ‘Goldrush’. A new addition to the arcade map pool.

We wanted to head into a forest again, but we didn’t want to allow players to hide in long grass and foliage. So we made sure that the playable areas are clean with the nearby unreachable areas lively and busy. We were inspired by the myths of the Nazi Gold trains in Poland. The train is such a great visual asset we’re really pleased with this map!

The best Capture the Flag maps always let the flag carriers get creative with how they steal flags. We’ve made multiple crossing routes where players will be forced to make key decisions that can win or lose the game. We love the intensity of Capture the Flag, we wanted to make sure the map was capable of maximising the intensity of those cat and mouse moments. That’s why we decided to take advantage of varying heights, including underground.

We’re excited for you to dive into Goldrush and let us know what you think! Get your PPSh drum mags ready!

If you have any questions about Goldrush, tweet @Battalion1944 or jump into the official discord and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you
Tomorrow we’ll be discussing Vanguard, our new snow map designed for both Wartide and Capture the Flag!


  New Map: Docks launching with full release!
Posted by: B3 - 14-05-2019, 10:43 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New Map: Docks launching with full release!

New map ‘Docks’ focuses on rewarding skilled players and decision making

Battalion 1944’s full release is just around the corner. On May 23rd a whole host of new maps will be available to players. Today we wanted to talk in a little more depth about ‘Docks’, check out this quick video explaining the thought process behind the design.
When we started playing our blockout/greybox version of the level. We knew we wanted to make something bright and vibrant so we pushed forward with Italy. We wanted to hark back to the bright COD2 maps based in Tunisia. So we found a region that worked for us and fit with our setting.

We wanted to bring back the verticality of Toujane. The feeling that if you perfect your movement, you can effectively ‘parkour’ along the rooftops is definitely something we had in mind when we were designing this map. In Wartide the creativity in your movement comes to life when a player is forced to ‘rotate’ (change bomb site).
Docks is a small map compared to other Battalion maps, this makes for lots of quick rotations and double fakes. Information and communication is key on Docks.

Wartide Tips
The rooftops are powerful positions, but they are high risk positions. Attackers will often post up at a position where they can take aim at the rooftops and pick off any defenders trying to take a high ground position. Often when playing Docks, it will feel like a game of cat and mouse, gathering crumbs of information from quick head peaks and minor sounds. But in the last 20 seconds of the round the attackers have no choice but to crank up the aggression.

As an attacker on Docks, you’ll find more success if you make it a priority to pick off overextending defenders. Playing from far back and spreading across the map, only picking a bomb site once you have the numbers advantage in the late round. Do not give the defenders control of the rooftops, at any point. If you do, you’ll have real trouble trying to plant the bomb!

If you have any questions about Docks, tweet @Battalion1944 or jump into the official discord[discord.gg] and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you

Tomorrow we’ll be discussing Goldrush, our new Arcade map designed for CTF play.