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  Major Update 2 - OUT NOW! (Full Changelog)
Posted by: Spoon - 16-07-2018, 12:25 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: aff5ef1ec3b91bbb3fe0f14beef77125f7bb9d39.jpg]

Yes. It's finally time. Major Update 2, the game update that we’ve been talking about for the past few months, has left beta and is now LIVE!


Our main goal for Major Update 2 (MU2) was to entirely revamp our core competitive gamemode - Wartide 2.0. Along with Wartide 2.0 we’ve added huge list of new features - including a complete ingame HUD overhaul, new player models, BattleRank (free cosmetic progression system), new maps, better weapon balance, movement, LAN servers, grenade training and improved netcode - and that’s just the beginning. So without further ado, here’s the Major Update 2 changelog!

Major Update 2 Core Features

  • Wartide 2.0 - Entirely revamped & improved competitive gamemode.
  • Introducing ‘BattleRank’ Beta 2018 - Our free seasonal cosmetic progression system.
  • Revamped Movement System - Improved lean, jumpshot nerf, smoother movement.
  • New Competitive Map - Savoia, Italy
  • New Weapons - MP28 & Grease Gun.
  • Reworked Weapon Balance - Varied Weapon Choice & Sniper Nerfs.
  • LAN Server Support - Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode).
  • New HD Renderer - Improved visuals take Battalion 1944 visuals into the next generation.
  • New Matchmaking System - Increased Stability
  • Huge Performance Optimisations - Solid 120+ FPS on most systems.
  • New HD Sound Engine - Advanced Sound Attenuation.
  • EXPERIMENTAL - Added Bots to fill empty server slots - Can be possessed by dead players.
  • EXPERIMENTAL - Added Work In Progress Match Replay system (Third Person ONLY)
New Competitive Gamemode ‘Wartide 2.0’

[Image: 337cc377e3c09769a7d20b121110490db24fcb1b.png]

Updated Visuals & New HUD Interface with Wartide 2.0

For the past few months we’ve been incrementally playtesting alongside our dedicated community a brand new & improved version of our core gamemode, Wartide 2.0. The gamemode now revolves around a true team based economy system with solid comeback mechanics to allow for varied and interesting round to round gameplay. We’ve done away with the old card system and completely and utterly overhauled the user interface for a much more fun & polished gameplay experience.

Our hardcore players have been loving the weekly beta tweaks and changes and we’ve been receiving lots of good reports we’re finally ready to share this new gamemode and push it to the live servers. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from the wider gaming audience.

Wartide 2.0 Token Rewards/Expenses:

Max Tokens: 12
Round Win Bonus: 2
Round One Loss Bonus: 1
Round Two Loss Bonus: 2
Round Three Loss Bonus: 3
Bomb Defuse/Explosion Bonus: 1

New Allies Weapon Costings:
  • Grease Gun: Free
  • M1 Carbine: 1
  • Trench Gun: 2 
  • Thompson: 3 (+1)
  • M1 Garand: 4
  • BAR: 4 (-1)
  • Springfield: 6 (-1)
New Axis Weapon Costings:
  • MP28: Free
  • Gewehr: 1
  • Trench Gun: 2
  • MP40: 3 
  • STG44: 4 (-1)
  • Kar98k: 5 (-1)
  • Kar98 Scoped: 6 (-1)
New Utility Costings:
  • Frag Grenade: 2 (+1)
  • Smoke Grenade: 1
Weapon Saving
Players can now save weapons between rounds in both their primary and secondary weapon slots. This gives a large reward to players who stay alive and/or teams who win the round. This feature has massively changed the way Battalion is played - and winning an eco round rush then taking the enemy weapons has never felt more rewarding.

New Map - Savoia, Italy
Savoia has been designed around the idea of playing around with vertically, long sightlines and larger open areas as a departure from the default mould of Battalion’s current map design. High precision aim and map awareness have never been more important as you choose to either snipe from window to window or weave with an SMG through the italian buildings of our brand new competitive map, Savoia!

[Image: b72b13b2ad609e4cee59fcd5284d8b4fbc042952.jpg]

Existing Maps Reworked & New HD Renderer

Several maps have had both minor and major complete reworks since MU1 - and now the changes are finally going live.

New HD Renderer & Performance Gains
  • All Maps
Map Changes / Reworks:

Invasion Rework

[Image: f2dc10fbf81c911586956dd78d72078a31c88f5d.jpg]

Manhouse v2:
  • Added a haystack as cover to the corner of A bombsite
  • Flattened the terrain in that same corner of A bombsite
  • Removed the ‘boost boxes’ by mid/A barn exit
  • Blocked certain overpowered boost spots based on players feedback
  • Fixed some map specific bug
  • Improved spawn area layouts for both axis and allies.
  • Added a new sniper building by the allies spawn for the Allies to peek into mid from a higher elevation or defend against aggressive flankers from B.
  • Added a new enterable house on A long by the A bombsite to allow axis players to peek A long and allied players to flank around the A bombsite building.
  • Made the ‘Byfam Antiques’ building enterable to add a quicker rotation point between B stairs & middle’s broken walls.
  • Added a ladder to the back of the A bombsite building to allow players to enter from the top of the wooden stairs (sorry stair campers!)

    [Image: a4d59fc885115e2d58da5456eb02295e6db744d4.jpg]

    [Image: 07a17137d8783200d31b66f6095dfccd601917a8.jpg]
Updates & Bug Fixes:
  • Derailed
  • Aim Map
  • Liberation
  • Outpost
  • Upottery
Updated Minimaps

As a small UI update we’ve also updated all of the minimaps to fit the new Wartide UI. Here’s the very latest top down minimap images so that players can create new callout images & strategies if you wish.
Battalion 1944 Major Update 2 - New Minimaps [imgur.com]

New & Improved Player Models

We’ve updated Battalion 1944’s first and third person player models and animations to look and feel 100x better than the previous characters in the old live build of the game. After playing with and against these new player models there’s no way we could never go back.

[Image: cd3d6b2c0c1151fb9dd91ec14a3597486a52a37e.jpg]

[Image: 8a4c26fe6668cbc9720426a0f9d5746eec046531.jpg]

New Weapons - MP28 & Grease Gun

The famous allied ‘Grease Gun’ and Axis ‘MP28’ have been added to the game. Their role as the new default weapons of Battalion 1944 is an effective, and free, close range option to quick rush the enemy team or catch aggressors off guard. A great option when your team’s economy isn't looking too strong in a match of Wartide.

[Image: 5b5c18fc11779994612aa4ae47d30e75df09b78c.png]

Allied ‘Grease Gun’ submachine gun

[Image: 3a78103cb3d70c12154a39738c12195fcf38ffad.png]

Axis ‘MP28’ submachine gun

Full Change-Log

Gameplay - (Movement & Gunplay Tweaks)
Movement Changes:
  • Reduced the amount your third person player model moves out of cover whilst leaning by 75% which will encourage angle holding and jiggle peeking.
  • Increased momentum very slightly to create smoother general movement.
  • No longer receive movement penalty when falling from small heights whilst not ADS to increase general movement fluidity.
  • Adjusted acceleration to allow players to make minor positional adjustments
  • Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps to give players who are holding an angle extra information on the enemies movement behavior.
  • Added a ‘movement punish’ when landing whilst holding ADS.
  • New better functioning vault
  • Vault animation added to first person and third person
  • Jump land punish now regenerate x2 faster when not in ADS/Scoped/Aiming (In line with COD)
  • Lean Speed increased by 15%
  • Fall damage reduced
  • New walk/left/right animation (hips don’t sway, new crouch animation to follow soon)
  • Jump ADS Punish recovery time decreased by 0.2 (now more in line with COD4)
Prone Behavior Changes
  • If a player goes to prone when moving whilst ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS.
  • If a player goes to prone when stationary whilst ADS, they will stay in ADS.
  • If a player tries to move whilst already in prone and ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS - unless you’re a using a scoped sniper rifle.
  • Prone ADS bug fixed
Weapons Changes and additions:
  • Added MP 28 
  • Added Grease Gun
  • More Consistent Weapon Physics After Death
Sniper Rifles
  • The Springfield, the Kar98 Scoped and the Kar98 now take slightly longer to become fully scoped when transitioning to ADS. This has in turn increased the length of the inaccuracy period when transitioning between hip fire to aiming down the scope.
  • Hip Fire / Noscope is now considerably more accurate.
  • ADS Transition Speed increase/buff from 0.35 > 0.31 (MU1 ADS time was 0.25)
  • ADS Move speed increase/buff from 1.0 > 0.8
  • Weapon Holster speed increase/buff from 0.333 > 0.233
  • Hip Spread Recovery Rate After Moving 20 > 32
    (Explained: After you stop moving, you will see your crosshair return to the centre. This an important assisting mechanic for no scoping. Although the snipers are more inaccurate from hip than the Kar98, they recover their static hip fire accuracy almost 35% faster than the Kar98. The crosshair is 100% accurate to the area where the noscope can land.
  • Sniper scope FOV increased
Rife changes
  • Kar98 Scoped noscope accuracy buff
Heavy Weapons
  • The BAR is now a 3 shot weapon across all ranges instead of 3-5 shots at range.
  • The BAR ADS animation was tweaked to feel more snappy and responsive.
  • The STG44 is now a 3-4 shot weapon instead of 3-5 shots.
  • Both STG44 & BAR stationary hip fire accuracy slightly increased.
  • STG rate of fire (time between shots) decreased from 0.09 > 0.11
  • MP40 Horizontal Recoil Slightly Reduced.
  • Max range damage slightly reduced.
  • Min range damage increased slightly.
  • Crosshair spread decreased to more accurately portray pellet spread.
  • Reduced shotgun fire rate.
  • Can now hold 6 shots instead of 5.
Eco Weapons
  • Grease Gun & MP28 rate of rire (Time between shots) increased from 0.13 > 0.125
Weapon Penetration Values
  • Bomb box no longer penetrable 
  • Adjusted penetrable meshes
New Sounds:
  • Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps.
  • New Gewehr Sound.
  • New STG44 Sound.
  • New Thompson Sound.
  • New Luger Sound.
  • New M1911 Sound.
  • New Headshot Sound.
  • New Hitmarker Sound.
  • New Footsteps Sounds.
  • New Token Pickup Sound.
  • New Attenuation/Falloff.
  • Adding an Ambient Sound Slider
  • Added grenade pick up sounds.
  • Added new hitmarker sound effect.
  • Added new headshot sound effect.
  • Added ambient volume slider.
  • Added main menu music volume slider
  • Added subtle audio occlusion.
  • Added new in-game music for Wartide gamemode.
  • Added new announcer voice for Wartide gamemode.
  • Bomb Ticking now gets faster depending on time left on the bomb.
  • Increased bomb planting sound radius.
  • Fixed a bug where other player's Garand 'ping' would trigger at incorrect times.
  • Added new jump sound effect.
  • Improved footstep sound effects for some surfaces.
  • Improved taking damage sound.
  • Improved gun sound attenuations.
  • Added new mechanical sound to guns when they are running out of ammo (first person only).
  • Improved gunshot sounds for STG44, Thompson, Trench Gun, BAR, Mp40, Luger, Colt 1911 and Gewehr.
  • Added knife stabbing sounds.
Performance Gains
  • Blueprint Navisation (drastically decreasing load times and increasing performance).
  • Level Specific Optimisations (reducing draw calls).
  • General Optimisations (reducing unnecessary clutter within the project).
  • Animation Optimisation (only visible information is sent to clients).
Settings/Menu Configs
  • No config resetting
  • More in-game config settings 
  • ini files will be locked
  • Some restrictions on certain config settings
  • 144hz / fullscreen issue fixed (For extra assurance, make sure your Windows refresh rate is set to 144hz, not just Nvidia graphics settings, Battalion uses windows refresh rate setting when not in true full screen)
  • Amazon servers
Updated Smoke Grenade
Our new smoke grenade effects are now more consistent and act as a solid visual wall to allow players to cross gaps to safely and maneuver past long sightlines with confidence... or even get a cheeky ninja defuse!


Introducing Ladders!

All of the above changes have been made to polish the core of Battalion 1944 before we move onto Major Update 3’s development where we will start focusing on polishing arcade game modes (FFA, TDM, CTF & DOM) and the overall user experience from rewards and stat tracking to medals and UI.

Introducing ‘Battlerank’ - New Cosmetic Progression System!

When looking at the list of issues with the Early Access launch version of Battalion, at the top of the list was giving reasons for players to keep playing whilst rewarding those who do keep booting up and playing for their efforts. We had these kind of changes down to be worked on ready for Major Update 3 - but we’ve decided to run a small ‘beta season’ of our new leveling system within Major Update 2 called ‘BattleRank’.

[Image: 3e32b9ceb1423cb130bb9fe73fcbd361b92a7e23.png]

BattleRank Beta Season 2018 is the first step towards making Battalion the engaging and rewarding game it was always intended to become. With every BattleRank season will come new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period.

BattleRank is a system designed to reward you for playing Battalion 1944 - due to this, all players’ XP will need to be reset to make way for this new era of BattleRank.

Every player who boots the game during the very first beta season will receive a participant coin and a participant weapon skin as a thanks for checking out the changes to the game during MU2.

However, players who stick around past the MU2 launch will get the chance to ‘level up’ their BattleRank to higher tiers. This is done by gaining experience point (XP) by playing the game and completing matches. In the 2018 Beta Season of BattleRank, every 10 levels will reward you with a new & exclusive weapon skin that can be sold or traded on the community market. Also, every single level up will upgrade your publicly displayed BattleRank icon and also reward you with a free War Chest!

Battlerank ‘beta 2018’ Exclusive Weapon Skin Unlocks

These weapons can only be obtained by playing Battalion 1944 and leveling up via XP during the ‘Beta 2018’ season. These skins are tradable and marketable. Once the Beta 2018 season ends - these weapons will no longer be available to unlock.

Bronze Tier (Rank 2-9) - ‘MP28 | Hazard’ & BattleRank Beta 2018 Participant Coin
[Image: f4291a4f550918c8d39e74a8d261eba55efb2b3e.png]

Silver Tier (Rank 10-19) - ‘BAR | Hellfire’
[Image: 101800a5a4a1b65a25f607dab4dd7690527a5207.png]

Gold Tier (Rank 20-29) - ‘Colt 1911 | Midnight Fade’
[Image: 9cc2e9fc59b98bd384d91d9c6e613a6c4c436668.png]

Platinum Tier (Rank 30-39) - ‘Grease Gun | CyberPunk’
[Image: fc95da5fe0969ef355b08f27eaf2a4308c0c7d4d.png]

Emerald Tier (Rank 40-39) - ‘Kar98k | Platinum Plated’
[Image: 63debd8c30b9c26d3d6aaef8f5aea881afdadc20.png]

Diamond Tier (Rank 50+) - Animated ‘Springfield | Dragon Breath’ & BattleRank Beta 2018 Completionist Coin
[Image: 42a9b472d628566df301d2e2aefd4bfe2b1e1a69.png]

The diamond tier scorched earth Springfield design is the first ever animated weapon skin in Battalion 1944 that reacts to your gameplay. Reign fire upon your enemies and see your springfield rage into life as light emits from the veins of this weapon’s woodwork every time you pull the trigger.

New Warchest - The Aces High War Chest

Along with BattleRank - we’re adding a brand new War Chest! 
Say hello to the brand new 'Aces High' War Chest.

Drop chances within these new War Chests are considerably improved. Therefore the chance of you receiving higher tier skins is much higher.

Players will be able to unlock an ‘Aces High’ War Chest every time they level up via BattleRank. Here’s a preview of some of the new weapon skins you’ll be able to get your hands on:

The ‘Chompson’ Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest

[Image: d231891a2261ca6b9b1c1acd66e6397c6631e16d.png]

The ‘Red Barron’ STG-44 Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest
[Image: 014cea7885bd371cc4c48fe6a58c0470c580cd51.png]

The ‘Axis Nightmare’ BAR Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest
[Image: 8c6e5aba9a00cc26d04def89b66fcc7f67db6f20.png]

And many more!

New & Updated Settings Menu


LAN Server Support - Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode).

After requests from the community we have decided to include Offline LAN server support as well as a grenade training mode. This includes a keybind for a grenade follow feature that allows you to track your grenade/smoke flight path and where it lands in order for you to work on those entry and denial stop nades. We hope you enjoy!

Many aspects of the game can be tweaked from this lan creation menu - meaning it can be a bit overwhelming for new players! We’ll be tidying up all the UI for this feature before full release but for now enjoy the unlimited customisation of your LAN servers.

[Image: 1b73f85a8b38271b7f1271dbb6877e3831cef085.png]

How to enable strat mode

[Image: d15c26791d84c0468f498cb8fa4f506def57c784.png]

1] Create your LAN server with strat mode enabled and your desired map selection
2] When in your server type server.givegrenade NUMBER OR server.givesmoke
3] Throw your grenade then press your grenade follow key (default Z) to follow the grenade in the air! Use your mouse to rotate around the grenade mid flight.
4] Get creative! Eventually you’ll find some insane grenade angles to take with you into online servers like this:


Experimental Feature - Adding Bots!

Bots have also been a highly requested feature and we are happy to say that they now can be included into community servers to. These can populate empty spots in a server and can be possessed by dead players. Newly joining players will kick these bots and take their spots!

Bots are WORK IN PROGRESS so you’ll see that they’re not very smart & will potentially have issues that could mean we remove them temporarily from the live servers. They like to follow each other in packs. One of our goals between now and full release is to be constantly improving the bot AI, so expect them to get smarter between now and full release.

[Image: 6c0f9e3924381e3e8e8e886b3fc4919bee4b5eb5.png]

Experimental Feature - Match Replays (Demo Viewer)

[Image: 8ee1d1290de89330697b87c139eaf8fc29cbb42d.jpg]

This is an extremely early version of this feature.

Players can now manually record matches by pressing F4 (Default Keybind) during gameplay which will start locally recording everything that happens in a match until the replay is manually stopped by pressing F4 again. These replays can then be accessed from the settings menu from within the main menu.

At the moment the replays are only in 3rd person with a very simple timeline function as a proof of concept. The replay feature will contain bugs and is likely to entirely break. Obviously this is not ideal. However, we felt it was important to push this feature into MU2 for early testing and to potentially help content creators relive awesome moments that happen during a game.

The match replay feature will be improved upon with the release of the next large content update, Major Update 3 and will be continued to be improved as we heard toward full release next year. We aim to allow players to relieve entire matches from any perspective as if they were spectating them live. Please help us test this very early, yet important addition to Battalion 1944 and send us feedback via our official Discord!


Hopefully you guys will see the revived potential of Battalion 1944’s future after you try out Major Update 2 today - we’re committed to the future of this game and we’re not going anywhere. Want more? Major Update 3 is not that far away and will bring even more to the table to make Battalion 1944 the game its intended to be.

Gallantry Budapest - The First Major Update 2 Lan Tournament

The very first LAN tournament running Major Update 2 is taking place at Gallantry Budapest. 18 teams from across the globe will compete to try and take the crown from Insomnia 62 winners Team Endpoint & embrace the glory of stamping their team name into Battalion 1944’s history books as the game’s best players during this Early Access period.

You can watch all the action live on Twitch, 13th - 15th July 2018.
Twitch: Gallantry Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
Gallantry Events Twitter 

Read More: https://gallantry.gg/


(Note: Trailer includes outdated Pre-MU2 gameplay footage from past B44 tournaments)

Coming Soon After Major Update 2.

[Image: 6ab8718c05748842c7fdd2a8b634cd7438ff89ab.png]

Ever wanted to get into games design or show off your level design skills?
Soon you’ll be able to dive into the Battalion 1944 Developer Toolkit.
More info coming soon!

The Bulkhead Interactive Team

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/...6634463651

  MU2 Beta Weekend 2 – Changes
Posted by: Spoon - 22-06-2018, 01:07 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

MU2 Beta Weekend 2 – Changes[Image: 406414217353363486.png?v=1] [Image: 406414218527637504.png?v=1] [Image: 404614229362999296.png?v=1]

- Max tokens now 12
- Springfield noscope accuracy buff
- Kar98 Scoped noscope accuracy buff
- Fall damage reduced
- New better functioning vault
- Vault animation added to first person and third person
- Jump land punish now regenerate x2 faster when not in ADS/Scoped/Aiming (In line with COD)
- 144hz / fullscreen issue fixed (For extra assurance, make sure your Windows refresh rate is set to 144hz, not just Nvidia graphics settings, Battalion uses windows refresh rate setting when not in true full screen)
- First public testing of Amazon server stability
- Lean Speed increased by 15%
- Prone ADS bug fixed
- Fixed all smoke grenade bugs (they were all tied to 1 issue)
- New walk/left/right animation (hips don’t sway, new crouch animation to follow soon)

  Major Update 2 Details and more!
Posted by: Spoon - 08-06-2018, 11:26 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Major Update 2, Beta Test and release details

Ahead of the release of our next Major Update, players have been asking us to bring them in to help test the game before it’s pushed live to the world! There are lots of important dates in the run up to and in relation to the release of Major Update 2 (MU2).

MU2 Related Dates:

Reddit MU2 AMA with KingHoward & Brammertron
- Tuesday June 12th / 20:00 BST

Pretty self explanatory here. Joe and Howard will be holding an MU2 AMA on the Battalion 1944 Reddit page to answer any of your questions that you have about the Major Update 2 that isn’t featured in this update explanation. We will release the link to this thread soon.

Showmatch MU2 Team Howard vs Team Brammer
- Thursday June 14th / 20:00 BST

Tensions have been building on the Battalion 1944 Reddit between Joe and Howard and has accumulated to a Showmatch with each developer leading each team against each other. This light hearted but competitive match will showcase the new Wartide 2.0 gamemode that is coming in MU2 and it will also be streamed and casted by The Plays [www.twitch.tv] on their Twitch Channel. The teams are made up of the ‘balance team’ who play the game to try and nail the balancing on Wartide 2. These teams have been playing morning and afternoon this week and consistently the game ends tied. With our new overtime feature, we’ll be looking for a nice competitive game. Place your bets! Team Howard or Team Brammer?

[Image: 0f259f0c990babe290ad9cddd5f56e672768fba4.jpg]

Beta Weekend 1 MU2
(Testing for stability)
- Friday June 15th / 18:00 BST > Sunday June 17th 23:59 BST
- We will have a large list of servers open for use that will be running both competitive and arcade gamemodes. There will be enough for scrimming, so just pick a server, ready up and use it till you’re done.

Beta Weekend 2 MU2
(rebalance testing)
- Friday June 22th / 18:00 BST > Sunday June 24th 23:59 BST
- We will have a large list of servers open for use that will be running both competitive and arcade gamemodes. There will be enough for scrimming, so just pick a server, ready up and use it till you’re done.

Open beta MU2
- Friday July 5th / 18:00 BST > Sunday July 10th 23:59 BST
- We will have a large list of servers open for use that will be running both competitive and arcade gamemodes. There will be enough for scrimming so just pick a server and use it till you’re done.
Further explanation and instructions on how to access the MU2 beta are below:

MU2 Stage 1: Beta Stage Explained

In June, when we feel the MU2 build is stable ‘enough’ for testing, we will push a version of the game on the MU2 build to our “Public Beta Branch” on Steam. We will not be using the “Battalion 1944 Test Zone” (this is what we used for the pre-release Beta stages of Battalion) for a few good reasons, but this won’t change anything for you!

To access the MU2 Beta, we will publicly reveal the one overarching code to the Beta Branch. The only way to get the code for the Major Update 2 Beta Branch will be in the Official Battalion 1944 Discord [discord.gg]. This means that owners of Battalion 1944 can use this code to access the MU2 Beta branch in Steam by doing the following:
Open Steam > Right Click ‘BATTALION 1944’ > Properties > Betas > ‘enter code’ > Select ‘beta’ within drop down menu above.

Important reminder: The only way to get the code for the Major Update 2 Beta Branch will be in the Official Battalion 1944 Discord. There are competitive channels in this Discord Server that you can use to set up PUGs.

This is similar to how games like BF1, PUBG and Overwatch do things with their CTE, Test Server and PTR. We are just a little behind these games with player management profiling and therefore have to roll this out to you guys using a coded Steam Beta Branch within the game itself.

[Image: b72b13b2ad609e4cee59fcd5284d8b4fbc042952.jpg]

MU2 Stage 2: Live Stage

Throughout the Beta phase we will be watching the feedback. What we will not do is be “over-reactive” to initial feedback. The beta phase will last a few weeks and during this time we will make changes, fixes, and improvements. We absolutely expect there to be bugs. But this is your opportunity as a passionate gaming community to make an impact on a commercial video game and this is our opportunity to make our passion project commercial!

By listening to your feedback we believe we can maximise the potential of Battalion 1944. We are not setting unrealistic expectations during this update, our goal is to show people what Battalion 1944 should have been at launch, but could only be possible with the extensive feedback given to us over the last 4 months. After we believe the game is balanced and just prior to the ‘Gallantry LAN event in Budapest’ we will push the release version of MU2 to the live Battalion 1944 branch.

Soruce: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/...5550227882

  New Settings Menu Coming to MU2
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[Image: 2e02a46ca74cf6689ae4660f0793120ab80a53f6.jpg]
The new settings menu gives players compete and full control of how their game looks, on a totally new level

MU2 Will feature a new settings menu!

During release we had 2 massive requests, from the general consensus people wanted drastic visual improvements as well as better optimisation. We did both of these.

However we didn’t want to destroy the ‘old school’ look of the game either, a big part of what we have been striving for is graphical simplicity. Something that classic shooters didn’t do by choice, but it’s something competitive players want.

We didn’t want to take control away from you guys over how your game looks and feels, we wanted the give you the power to change as many things about Battalions visual settings as you want.

If you’re interested to see the amount of control we’ve exposed to players please take a look at our Studio Lead ‘Brammertron’ chatting about the settings that we’ve added.


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/...1644475752

  Savoia examined & Updated weapon physics
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Introducing Savoia and more!

[Image: b72b13b2ad609e4cee59fcd5284d8b4fbc042952.jpg]

Some of you may have seen our previous update announcing our newest map - Savoia - coming to Battalion in June within our Major Update 2 Beta Testing Phase.

Today we’re happy to show a little more of this map to you guys as well as some other stuff so we hope you enjoy!

This map is a lot more open than previous maps as we have tried to move slightly away from our previous map design policy’s which retrospectively are too much like CSGO with tight chokes and close entries into the bomb sites.

[Image: 18030b8f887cf0d3910d8dbd5499eb244c9f8639.jpg]

[Image: 95f49e0adc5bc0cad69a24e5294ddc1e0a5882c7.jpg]

[Image: 2e02a46ca74cf6689ae4660f0793120ab80a53f6.jpg]

[Image: aff5ef1ec3b91bbb3fe0f14beef77125f7bb9d39.jpg]

Savoia contains long streets and a lot more verticality as well as a ton of potential for close combat with many enterable buildings and tighter areas around the bombs sites.

We hope you enjoy the new colour palette in this map too as it adds a Mediterranean feel to Battalion and could be a little more enjoyable than Northern European theatre we have previously used.

Consistent Weapon Physics After Death'

Whilst this feature is alot smaller than some of the other gigantic changes coming to Major Update 2 - this small change will please all players who have ever experienced the ‘where did his weapon go?’ feeling after killing an enemy player and wanting to take their weapon.

Weapons will now drop at the exact point you kill a player. Falling weapons no longer fall with the momentum of the dead enemies ragdoll, but will instead drop directly to the floor. This small change brings much more reliability to the game and no more ‘bouncing’ weapons.

This is an important fix for Wartide 2 where carrying weapons over to the next round and have the choice to save weapons is an important part of competitive play now. 


All this and more will be available in our live version of Major Update 2 on July 12th. 

Thanks for tuning in and see you all soon
The Bulkhead Team

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/...1614976616

  The Basics of Post Scriptum
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[Image: a7db2e914d7b973baa97d429a7caff9890b6cd69.png]

[Image: dfd4438d9f9d77d799a4ef034939aaa7e66fbff4.png]

[Image: 606112ad4fe532c1e44b9e40c67df3ca0e896a23.png]

[Image: a1f7d181102a45b250fd92c5d9b38ac8981c839d.png]

[Image: 650cbce9dab7cb30591d4f03cb8196329c50db91.png]

[Image: beedc9a115be40e12f6aabadce7f1aa2669b36de.png]

  Hell Let Loose
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A platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War.

HUGE BATTLES - 100 players per game, 50 per team
COORDINATE - Win through teamwork, tactics, and communication
A NEW METAGAME - Capture sectors and resources to beat your enemy into submission
COMBINED ARMS - Over 20 different player-controlled vehicles and deployed weapons
EPIC THEATER OF WAR - Do battle across a 1:1 scale 4 kilometer-squared map
MORE THAN THE TWITCH - Supply, capture and building systems
EXPERIENCE HISTORY - Historically accurate arsenal with realistic weapon behavior
A MODERN ENGINE - Developed for Unreal Engine 4 


Developed for Unreal Engine 4 by a small independent team, Hell Let Loose places heavy emphasis on teamwork and communication as players work together as limited Roles in Platoons beneath the leadership of Officers and the force Commander. Using historically accurate weapons, logistics, armor and tactics, Hell Let Loose is a game that demands teamwork and communication not only to win, but to survive.
Featuring sweeping 4km2 maps, the battlefield is divided up into large cap sectors - allowing for emergent and constantly unique gameplay that pits two forces of fifty players in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests and towns. The first theater of war is the sleepy Norman town of St Marie Du Mont on D-Day 1944 in northern France during Operation Overlord. It features a stunning and detailed 1:1 scale battlefield recreated from archival reference material and satellite photography.
Players will organise and muster behind the front lines before carefully pushing forward into the French countryside towards the town. They will need to establish supply lines using logistics vehicles - enabling them to build Garrisons and other spawn locations in the field. 
Armor and infantry must work together to smash through the front line and capture territory - pushing the enemy back and earning greater resources to sustain their fighting power. 
Engineers will lay minefields and barbed wire to create choke points. Sunken lanes become killing zones while dense woodlands could mask the presence of a devastating PAK 43 - towed into position by a waiting unit of Wehrmacht infantry. Allied infantry call in strafing runs as hedgerows light up with the fire of a Panther tank and the scream of the Hitler's Buzz Saw - the MG42.
The battlefield is laid out - ready to be mastered by soldiers with the skill and strategic ability to wipe the enemy from the field.
We plan to release Hell Let Loose on Steam in Q2 2018. 

Deliver supplies to the front in an Opel Blitz supply truck, roll across the fields in a Sherman Firefly, flee a fearsome Panther tank in a Jeep or bombard the enemy position in a Priest. We plan to introduce up to 20+ vehicles into the game to serve a wide variety of functions.
Our first priority will be the inclusion of Supply and Transport vehicles before we widen the scope to the most prolific vehicles (Panzer IV, Sherman) and then introduce interesting variants such as the Sherman Calliope, Puma SdKfz 234 and Tiger II.



Our first epic theater of war captures the beauty and foreboding of the Norman countryside in the early weeks of Operation Overlord, 1944.
Dense woodland, hedgerows and canals frame rolling stretches of open countryside, while small villages and towns provide the perfect choke-points to command crossroads and high ground. 
It takes approximately fifteen  minutes to cross on foot, and our unique capture territory system demands a new strategy and offers a totally different experience every time. Instead of pushing in a linear tug-of-war, you will be forced to fight across a realistically wide battlefield with an ever-developing front line.
Will you roll armour into Brecourt Manor from the west in order to quickly secure the northern approach, or will you attempt to choke the enemy in the stretches of open farmland between the eastern crossroads and the orchards that encircle St Marie Du Mont? Or will you become bogged down in house to house fighting as you battle tooth and nail to take the Manor at Hauchemail?

Engage in multi-dimensional warfare like never before.

Play as the Commander and decide on the grand strategy as you deploy your forces
and adapt to the ever changing situation on the ground. Communicating via radio, it
will be up to you to summon reinforcements, supplies and powerful aerial and naval
strikes while accurately assessing the situation on the front line.

Establish supply lines of trucks, transport vehicles and armored recovery vehicles.
Supplies will allow your forces to construct minefields, defenses, and Garrisons.
Failure to supply the front line will result in a devastating collapse.

Play as an Officer and establish Observation Posts and Garrisons before working to
determine the best course of attack or defense for your unit. Mark targets with your
binoculars to notify the Commander and work together to flank, reinforce, supply
and obliterate the enemy.

Instead of capturing a small flag, the entire map is divided into capture sectors - forcing each team of 50 players to make continual tactical decisions as to where they should attack and defend.
When a sector is captured, it will generate one of three resources for your team, creating a complex metagame that will influence your push to victory.
Will the cost of spending Fuel on a Tiger tank inflict significant enough damage to the enemy to wrest control of the western flank? Will the Munitions spent on a Typhoon strafing run clear the distant hedgerows and open a path to the town of Carentan? Can the bridgehead at Feuilly be maintained without sustaining devastating losses to your Manpower?

The 16+ historically accurate rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, pistols and assault rifles are all accessible in realistic limitation. With no crosshair, a focus on realistic weapon behavior including jamming and overheating barrels, and a brutal suppression system,
Hell Let Loose gets as close to the historical truth of the conflict as possible without becoming tedious or chore-laden.
Grenades, mines, mortars, heavy ordnance, anti-tank and tank rounds dismember, while flamethrowers light up the morning sky. Each one of the 14 playable roles will be equipped with a unique array of equipment inspired by their historical counterparts.

We are a team of World War 2 enthusiasts making a game that we want to play. 
We are bound by a passion to create a title that reflects the epic scale,
the organisational complexity and the brutal realism of World War 2, with a
key focus on creating immersive and fun gameplay. 
Based in the United States, Russia and Australia, the Hell Let Loose 
team has been working together since April 2015.

  Battalion 1944 announces Blitzkrieg Masters - Teaser Video!
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Announcing the first Battalion 1944 Major Tournament!

[Image: 4a00ae6d9fc7a0c7f47aba7abe2bdd6915821147.png]

From the 27th - 30th of September 2018, ThePlays will be hosting the Battalion 1944 Blitzkrieg Major! [www.blitzkriegmasters.com] ThePlays have been a big supporter of Battalion from day one and we’re pleased to bring the community our first major tournament in collaboration with them. 


This tournament is a big part of Major Update 2, we’ve been working on this update for a while, it is based entirely on community feedback and will be going live in July prior to the start of competitions.

Visit the event webpage here: www.blitzkriegmasters.com 

For the first Battalion Major, 16 of the best teams from around the world will head to the Esports Game Arena [esportsgamearena.nl] in Amsterdam, NL to compete for a $50,000 prize pool with placement winnings being broken up as follows:

  • First place: $30,000
  • Second place: $15,000
  • Third place: $5,000
Qualifier Information:

Qualifying routes for the Battalion 1944 Blitzkrieg Masters are:
  • Blitzkrieg Masters European Qualifiers (10 Slots)
  • Blitzkrieg Masters American Qualifiers (2 Slots)
  • Winners of Gallantry LAN [eu.cybergamer.com] (1 Slot)
  • The Plays Wildcard (1 Slot)
  • Bulkhead Interactive Wildcard (2 Slots)
This is subject to change due to specific teams conditions or terms. If orgs are unavailable to travel or attend then slots may be offered to other teams and will be treated as a wildcard

12 of the 16 teams will qualify for Blitzkrieg Masters Amsterdam through way of open qualifier; 10 through the European Qualifiers and 2 from the North American Qualifiers.

European Qualifiers
In Europe there will be 5 qualifiers and 2 teams from each qualifier will earn access to the main Amsterdam event. The format for these qualifiers will be BO1 until RO16 where the matches will become BO3. The last round of the tournament will be the semi-finals, both of which will be streamed.

Qualifier 1: 21st & 22nd July
Qualifier 2: 28th & 29th July
Qualifier 3: 4th & 5th August
Qualifier 4: 11th & 12th August
Qualifier 5: 18th & 19th August

North American Qualifiers
There will be 2 qualifiers where 1 team from each qualifier will earn access to the Amsterdam event. The format for these qualifiers will be BO1 until RO16 where the matches will become BO3.

Qualifier 1: 14th & 15th July
Qualifier 2: 28th & 29th July

The Plays/Blitzkrieg will be hosting beta tournaments on the Battalion 1944 beta client throughout June and encourage teams to participate as a means of practice with the new game mode and weapons. Results of these tournaments will contribute to seedings for the Open Qualifiers.

More information will be released in the coming weeks as we prepare to start this process.

[Image: 30cdd6b6854c709692cf30f0c0df4ea598d5fdb8.png]

Blitzkrieg Masters Format

The group rounds will be held on the 27th - 28th, with the Quarter and Semi finals on the 29th and the final taking place on the 30th. The final will be shown on the Main Stage in front of event attendees as well as members of the public that are in attendance.

All PC’s will be provided by Bulkhead courtesy of our friends at Chillblast so all you need to bring will be your peripherals. If your team wishes to compete in the Battalion Blitzkrieg Masters this September, Make sure you keep an eye out for & sign up to all the remaining qualifying routes when they open such as the EU and NA qualifiers being held by ThePlays.

Remember there are 3 Wildcard slots available too. If we think you’ll be an exciting addition to the Major lineup, or you set a good example as a pro team and represent yourself and esports well then you may receive an invite!

At Bulkhead HQ we are really excited for this event and there will definitely be developers in attendance to watch you all fragging for the top prize. This Major will really push Battalion forward and provide great exposure for us as well as giving any Battalion team that qualifies a chance to win a significant amount of money as well a golden personalised skin in-game. 

And remember, we do allow tactical crouching and ask players to bring their A game and a fighting spirit, this is competitive gaming.


“We’d like to acknowledge that we’re aware esports is currently, a buzz word for many companies. As a result there are some very big numbers being thrown around as prize pools. Battalion 1944 is capable of massive tournaments, but not in its early access state. From the beginning of Battalion we’ve tried to heavily involve the community in the design of the game, something that we believe you’ll see in Major Update 2. We are aware that $50,000 is not the biggest esport prize pool, but it’s not trying to be. This is Battalion’s first Major. It is the start of something that is growing, we’re focusing on the grass roots of Battalion 1944 and we’re facilitating the growth of a professional scene within the game and also of tournament organizers who are dedicated to improving the viewership of the game. For those of you that are looking for a career in professional gaming, take the opportunity! Good luck.”
-Brammertron, Studio Lead

This does not mean we’re taking our eye off of Arcade & Casual. We have just began to focus on the total rework of Arcade 2. Good luck to all teams involved and make sure to keep an eye out for the Qualifiers opening up! We’ll be announcing more monthly online tournaments soon! Watch out for more announcements. 

If you're interested in all of the huge changes coming with Major Update 2, you can read the following posts:
New map & Dual Currency 
New Character Models 
Weapon Balancing, New Sounds & Movement Tweaks 
New Smoke and Map changes 
BattleRank & Wartide 2 Changes 

Thanks a lot,
The Bulkhead Team

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/...7496351591

  Post Scriptum
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[Image: logo.png]

Post Scriptum is a WW2 simulation game, focusing on historical accuracy, large scale battle, difficult learning curve and an intense need for cohesion, communication and teamwork. Players will relive the events of ‘Operation Market Garden’ across the fields and towns of Holland.
‘The Bloody Seventh’ is our name for the initial focus of the project as we feel it succinctly details the struggle that the British paratroopers had to endure while waiting for their army counterpart to establish a link through the Lower Rhine.
In a 50 vs. 50 multiplayer setting, players will be given the option to fight with the British Airborne Division and its Polish brigade, British XXX Corps or several branches of the German Army, such as the Wehrmacht or the Waffen SS. It’s a rare opportunity to experience the intense battlefield that was the Battle of Arnhem, which stretched across farms, woods, villages and city areas. Each area is being accurately recreated from archival references that range from street level to aerial images. Whether you’re jumping out of a plane, resupplying friendlies or operating a tank you will find multiple reasons to drop back into the battlefield in this grand scaled representation of a WW2 setting never explored in a large multiplayer environment.

From the people behind “Project Reality WWII” and “Liberty’s Highway” is born “Periscope Games” studio, a group of individuals with one common ambition, creating the next standard in the WWII large scale battle platform.
Firstly known as a modding group for Squad, our ambition and expectation for Post Scriptum rapidly made us realize that we would have to create our own studio in order to reach those goals and fulfill this vision of ours. Such things would not be doable in a respectable time frame without us going full time on the project, and as such, get a living from it.


  • Inspired by game such as “Red Orchestra ostfront 41-45” , “Battleground Europe: WWII Online” or “ArmA” we want to provide the perfect mix of realism on large scale maps.

  • Teamwork oriented gameplay that doesn’t require a clan or private server to realize the potential of the gameplay entirely.

  • Built in Voice Over IP using the best codecs available, with attenuated localized, intra-squad radio, and inter-squad command radio communications.

  • 3 exclusives games modes, with “Base building” and “Base development” game mechanics usually found in Real Time Strategy games.

  • A Logistics system based around drivable vehicles, designed to support bases in the field, all player maintained.

  • Large scale maps from 4km² up to 8km².

  • High-quality and accurate models remodeled from historical references and archives.

  • A very open development team with excellent community communication, and preparations in progress for mod support near retail release.

  • Infantry, Logistics, Fortifications and Mechanised Warfare.

  Introducing BattleRank & Wartide 2 Changes! Major Update 2 Preview
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When looking at the list of issues with the Early Access launch version of Battalion, at the top of the list was giving reasons for players to keep playing whilst rewarding those who do keep booting up and playing for their efforts. We had these kind of changes down to be worked on ready for Major Update 3 - but we’ve decided to run a small ‘betaseason’ of our new leveling system within Major Update 2 called ‘BattleRank’.

[Image: 3e32b9ceb1423cb130bb9fe73fcbd361b92a7e23.png]

BattleRank Beta Season 2018 is the first step towards making Battalion the engaging and rewarding game it was always intended to become. With every BattleRank season (roughly every 3 months) will come new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period.

BattleRank is a system designed to reward you for playing Battalion 1944 - due to this all players XP will need to be reset to make way for this new era of BattleRank.

Every player who boots the game during the very first beta season (seasons will last roughly 3 months) will receive a participant coin and a participant weapon skin as thanks for checking out the changes to the game for that season.

Players who stick around however, get the chance to ‘level up’ their BattleRank to higher tiers. This is done by gaining experience point (XP) by playing the game and completing matches. In the 2018 Beta Season of BattleRank, every 10 levels will reward you with a new & exclusive weapon skin that can be sold or traded on the community market. Also, every single level up will upgrade your publicly displayed BattleRank icon and also reward you with a free War Chest!

[Image: b3893a5af3e108cc8c31638d956175f13a6f5c0c.png]

Reaching the Diamond Tier and max rank (Lvl 50+) will reward you with the ‘Beta 2018 Completionist Coin’ and a season exclusive animated weapon skin that you can only obtain during this BattleRank Beta season. We will reveal these awesome skins closer to the release of Major Update 2! 

This season of BattleRank is named the Beta season as we want to recieve feedback on the system and see how we can improve upon it for future seasons.

Introducing ‘Aces High’ War Chest - Major Update 2 (June)

Along with BattleRank - we’re adding a brand new War Chest! Say hello to the brand new 'Aces High' War Chest:

[Image: 333b832a764eac3981020457cbf9964ffe77241e.png]

This War Chest comes with 20 brand new weapon skins based on WW2 warplanes from the era. We can’t wait to show off the full set when we get closer to Major Update 2! Players will be able to unlock an ‘Aces High’ War Chest every time they level up via BattleRank.

[Image: abcf416ceff5bcc0a17b35d9bf9daca1c1c5bc5b.png]
Introducing ‘The Chompson’ Exclusive to The ‘Aces High’ War Chest

Important: The ‘Aces High’ War Chest will replace the previous ‘The Original’ War Chest. If you’re missing any of ‘The Original’ War Chest skins such as the coveted ‘Grand Panther’ skin, these last few weeks before Major Update 2 will be your last opportunity to unlock these original Early Access era weapon skins. Maybe it's worth holding onto them to see if they increase in market value?

Wartide 2.0 - Major Update 2 (June)

Our daily development playtests have been really helping us refine the game before the release of Major Update 2 and Wartide 2 is the area of the game that has seen the most iteration from these playtests. The specific focus of MU2 has always been to refine Wartide into a truly competitive gamemode that’s both fun to both play and watch for casual and competitive players alike.

However, since we added the concept of a personal wallet, we noticed the redundancy of having a shared economy pool. While cool in theory, - when playing we realised the only reason it had to exist was so that we could distribute money to players fairly, by allowing players to withdraw/deposit to the team pool as needed. The reality was it became just a race to withdraw 3 coins first - whilst actual sharing of money was done through the individual player wallet donation buttons.

This made the dual currency system not only redundant - but also confusing with so much information to share between players within the 18 second buy time.

[Image: 1d96c869aeda47497b1183f85e6a365dd13b08d5.png]


The single largest key change to Wartide 2.0 from our playtests is:
The removal of the shared token pool and replaced by personal wallets & direct teammate player donations only.

We have decided to remove the shared currency pool where all tokens earned through in game actions were merged into one central pool. This was a system where all players could donate their personal tokens into the team pool, however they could also extract tokens from this pool to their personal wallet.

We have decided to move away from this system and have introduced one where the only pool is personal and the only donations you are able to give are to other team members.

By only having your own personal wallet of tokens to worry about - the gamemode is now much simpler and allows you to quickly and efficiently share cash between your teammates whilst still allowing more selfish players to hold onto their own tokens. We’re very happy with this iteration of Wartide and are very confident in this being the extremely solid foundations for the gamemode going forwards. Strategy and teamplay have never felt stronger in any iteration of Battalion 1944 than the current development build.

Any changes to the mode from now on will most likely just be adjustments in weapon costs and/or reward amounts for winning/losing rounds.

Wartide 2.0 - Knife Rounds

The classic way to decide which team gets to choose which faction to play first has been officially added to the game. Server owners and tournament organisers will no longer have to restart servers with their own configs or trust players to not shoot one another

Here’s a question for the community - would you like knife rounds to be included on official Bulkhead unranked matchmaking servers? Or should this feature only be a server config variable for community server admins? Let us know in the comments!

Wartide 2.0 - Overtime

We’ve now added an official overtime server config variable so that competitive players get to play multiple mr3 overtimes until one team is victorious. This avoids scenarios in tournament play where team would draw 15-15 and have to completely restart the game server.

Misc Extra Additions

Adding an Ambient Sound Slider
You can now adjust the volume of the ambient map sounds separately from the other audio in the game through the ingame menus. You cannot turn the ambience entirely off - but this should reduce audio clutter for competitive players whilst keeping the playing field level and fair.

New HD Renderer
You may have noticed the visual upgrade Battalion has received? 
If not here’s a quick reminder:

[Image: 9ff69793d1fb3083cd94680d22486e9ac30d809b.jpg]

This is to do with us constantly working on improving the visual direction of the game from characters to environments to user interface - but also due to our new HD renderer which gives us way more post processing options to play with. The great thing about this is that we’ve also made it so that players themselves can tweak individual settings themselves - such as bloom/lens flare/brightness and even hue/saturation etc

We’ve actually added a quick option in the video settings so that players can quickly optimise their video settings between beauty and performance presets just in case you destroy your default config!

Wrapping Up

That’s it for today’s development update and preview - we have more awesome Battalion 1944 news and announcements to come and we can’t wait to share it. Keep a lookout for another huge announcement coming later this week!

The Bullkhead Interactive Team

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/...4018294120