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Fix for 'Freeze/Lag' issue is now live! - B3 - 26-05-2019

Fix for 'Freeze/Lag' issue is now live!

<img src="" ><br><b><div class="bb_h1">We have just added a patch to fix the lag/stutter issue that some of our players have been experiencing that stops them from playing</div></b><br>At launch, some of our players were experiencing a stutter or freeze every 3-4 seconds in the menu, training map and game servers. Programmer 'Kevin' worked tirelessly to identify the issue and apply a fix as fast as possible.<br><br><div class="bb_h1">If you were one of the players with this issue, all you need to do it go to Steam and download the update for Battalion 1944, some of you will have it automatically installed but if you'd like to be extra sure it's downloaded just restart Steam and it will check for updates!</div><br>Thank you to everyone who reported and helped to test this bug. If you experienced the freeze every 3 to 4 seconds both in the menu, and in-game; please let us know if this update fixed the issue for you. There may be other problems that behave similarly that we still need to track down; but we believe this fix will work for the majority of players<br><br>Bulkhead