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A moment to celebrate! 250,000 Copies Sold! - B3 - 03-06-2019

A moment to celebrate! 250,000 Copies Sold!

<img src="" ><br><div class="bb_h1">We hope you had a great weekend of Battalion!</div><br>In the buildup to E3 we have just hit an encouraging milestone. Battalion left Early Access on May 23rd and has now hit 250,000 total sales on PC, it also notched up 1 million hours watched on Twitch in the first 7 days post Early Access launch. <br><br><b>We want to celebrate by giving everyone that logs in this week (ends Monday June 10 at 1pm BST) FIVE Aces High War Chests as a thank you to the players</b>. We're all really proud that the game at release was only possible because the community helped to shape it, and that players are enjoying the final results! <br><br>To claim your reward, just play the game by June 10th and your War Chests will automatically be in your inventory.<br><br>You can pick up Battalion 1944 with a 20% launch discount at £12.79 (ends Thursday June 6 at 5pm BST): <a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" id="dynamiclink_0"></a> <br><br>We're looking forward to more updates and content for the game in the future - if you missed it you can watch the launch trailer here<br><a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" id="dynamiclink_1"></a> <br><br><br><br> <br>