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Patch 22819 - CTF Hotfix Deployed - B3 - 11-06-2019

Patch 22819 - CTF Hotfix Deployed

<img src="" ><br><br>Hey all!<br><br>Welcome to all of our new players who have since joined the Battalion 1944 train since full release, as well as those of you who have more recently jumped onboard after our exposure on the Square Enix E3 mainstage! We’re extremely pumped that so many of you have jumped on the Battalion wagon. We fully intend to support and foster this growing community even further - and full release is just the beginning for Battalion 1944.<br><br>Apologies for the issues with Capture The Flag this weekend. Our programmers have been hard at work over the weekend identifying the source of the issue, and earlier today have deployed a fix to the servers!<br><br><b>We’re happy to say the Capture The Flag mode is now officially back in business!</b><br><br>We have just released a client update that will also have multiple crash fixes to help with the stability of the game post launch.<br><br>As a small heads up - there will be another client update coming <i>later this week</i> to address more community raised map issues &amp; exploits that have been found since release, as well as fixing bugs reported by the community. We’ll have more information on that update closer to its release!<br><br>Thanks for playing the game &amp; sticking with us.<br><i>- Bulkhead Interactive.</i><br>