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House to Home to HQ - B3 - 08-08-2019

House to Home to HQ

<div class="bb_h1"><b><b>With the inclusion of the new casual game mode ‘Headquarters’ into our Summer Season Update, we’re looking to expand!</b></b></div> <br><img src="" ><br><br><div class="bb_h1">x2 New Maps </div>You may have shook, rattled and rolled with the best of them but our true aim is to see how well we can cater your casual experience. In light of this we’ll be adding 2 extra maps to HQ for you to sink your muddy boots into. Combining the power of the Russian armoury with our relentless HQ mode will give the Axis a true test as you fight your way across the snowy streets of Vanguard and the hotly contested railways and bunkers of Goldrush! <br><br>For those who have recently joined us, here’s a quick run down of the gamemode. <br><blockquote class="bb_blockquote"> In this mode, teams must capture and hold a set point (HQ) that is randomly spawned in the map.. The longer it is held, the more points that team gains. However, the team that holds the headquarters only has 1 life each until the objective is either successfully defended or overrun by the ever respawning enemies! <br><br>The best HQ players will coordinate with their team to enforce an ironclad defensive perimeter around a captured headquarters in order to hold it. </blockquote><br>With a full week of HQ already under your belt, we don’t doubt you’ve devised a daring divulsion for attacking the enemy and holding down what's rightfully yours and can’t wait to see your approach on our new maps. <br><br><img src="" ><br><br>We’re constantly looking for feedback and suggestions as we work towards our Mid Season Patch which will include weapon balances, map changes and the likes, alongside the highly anticipated Autumn Season. We can’t wait to hear your opinions moving forward.<br><br>Have a great week comrades!<br><i>Bulkhead Interactive</i><br>