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EHDGaming Thank you all! - Seven - 02-08-2014

[Image: thankyou.png]
Although we have only been live for a mere two weeks But we have already managed to pay for 2 months of server bills!

So we Thank you all for the kind support you have shown towards the community! The effort everyone has put into rebuilding the server has been amazing. If we keep at this we should be able to bring the servers numbers to its max.

Keep spamming your friends. We shall dominate CoD4 again!

RE: EHDGaming Thanks you all! - Prozene - 14-08-2014

Im just glad its all coming together again

RE: EHDGaming Thanks you all! - nox1d - 16-08-2014

very very very naiz!!!!!

RE: EHDGaming Thanks you all! - Hooch - 22-08-2014

special price for you my friend very naishCool