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Black Ops 3 Development - Seven - 27-09-2016

[Image: Black_Ops_III_logo.png]

It has happened! The MOD Tools have finally dropped. I am currently downloading now. I shall be spending some time reading the code for differences in gameplay code management. I'm sure Treyarch have changed a lot since the CoD4 base used for WaW.
Once I'm happy with the placement of common functions and have made a development plan on how to proceed, the real work will begin.

Since Black Ops 3 has really changed the mechanics of movement. We are going to need to rethink everything. The original base concept will still be there. But it's a new game. New Engine. New heights can be reached (Literally). But my hopes are higher engine limitations. I should be able to do Sooo much more with player and system handling.

We have a blank wall and it needs painted!

Please feel free to throw in ideas in this thread. I will start a work log and once we are able to private play testing shall be completed before we do a official server launch. Game mechanics are key. We want to get how we want Zombies to feel before we release it to the general public. Last thing we want is to release the project and then turn in a completely different direction.

RE: Black Ops 3 Development - Mn3m0n!c - 19-10-2016

Hell YEA!!

I'd like in a base the same mod as you already done for COD4, KSs, sounds etc etc. One revision back of the last version we played on server - in the latest one, zombies were too buletproof for me Smile

Airstrike with 30 KS, maybe we can add more stuff with KSs - rc buggy, transformation in zombie for 10s to camuflage and kill zombies in meantime Smile , ...

RE: Black Ops 3 Development - Spoon - 19-10-2016

I was the same as you didn't like the way zombies health went near the end.
As far as i know its back to the old way with headshot 1 hit kill and just alot of damage to kill zombies.