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MU2 Beta Weekend 2 – Changes - Spoon - 22-06-2018

MU2 Beta Weekend 2 – Changes[Image: 406414217353363486.png?v=1] [Image: 406414218527637504.png?v=1] [Image: 404614229362999296.png?v=1]

- Max tokens now 12
- Springfield noscope accuracy buff
- Kar98 Scoped noscope accuracy buff
- Fall damage reduced
- New better functioning vault
- Vault animation added to first person and third person
- Jump land punish now regenerate x2 faster when not in ADS/Scoped/Aiming (In line with COD)
- 144hz / fullscreen issue fixed (For extra assurance, make sure your Windows refresh rate is set to 144hz, not just Nvidia graphics settings, Battalion uses windows refresh rate setting when not in true full screen)
- First public testing of Amazon server stability
- Lean Speed increased by 15%
- Prone ADS bug fixed
- Fixed all smoke grenade bugs (they were all tied to 1 issue)
- New walk/left/right animation (hips don’t sway, new crouch animation to follow soon)