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Battalion 1944 - 2.5.3 Patch - B3 - 02-04-2019

Battalion 1944 - 2.5.3 Patch

<div class="bb_h1"><b>Patch 2.5.3 Release!</b></div><br>We’re releasing a smallpatch to the game which will help improve some of the high priority issues seen in the previous Update 2.5.2 patch. <br><div class="bb_h1"><b>Features</b></div><br><b>Amazon Game Servers</b><br><br>With Update 2.5.3 we’re migrating our official server hosting to Amazon for initial testing. These server migration tests will help Battalion 1944 in the long term and will ultimately help the stability of the game when we reach full release next year. <br><br>Overall matchmaking and server stability should improve with this patch. However, if issues do arise, please post in the official Discord channel if you have any issue with connecting to or being disconnected from servers, or use the ingame bug report function. <br>We’ll be monitoring these reports with a close eye.<br><br><div class="bb_h1"><b>Bug Fixes</b></div><br><b>Movement</b><br><ul class="bb_ul"><li>Vaulting net correction has been smoothed to make for a smooth vault on online servers that closer mimics the smoothness of vaulting on LAN.<br></li><li>Net corrections when landing have been tweaked, reducing the feeling/frequency of being teleported by the game server when ping is varying.</li></ul><b>Gamemodes - Capture The Flag</b><br><ul class="bb_ul"><li>Fixed an issue where players would take the enemy flag but could not return it to their own home base.</li></ul>Thanks for the feedback on the latest 2.5.3 patch. Please keep us up to date with bug reports and general feedback - the team is making every effort to. The studio is fully focused and working on making sure Battalion 1944 has the largest impact it can at full release. We’ll have more information to release soon in this regard.<br><br>Thanks for your patience!<br><br><i>The Bulkhead Interactive Dev Team</i><br>