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Battalion 1944: Eastern Front launches May 23, 2019 - B3 - 10-05-2019

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front launches May 23, 2019

<img src="" ><br>We’re excited to announce that multiplayer shooter Battalion 1944 is about to leave Steam Early Access!<br><br><b>Battalion 1944</b> will launch in full this month - <b>May 23, 2019,</b> to be precise.<br><br>And precision is extremely important. This has been just over a year in Early Access development - sticking to our plan of taking on board your feedback and polishing the game to a state that we are confident that hardcore FPS players, new &amp; returning, will enjoy. Instead of us hyping up the full release - we’ll let this list of features &amp; improvements do the talking for us and you can enjoy just a little tease at what’s to come.<br><br><a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" id="dynamiclink_0"></a><br><br>Over the next coming weeks before the launch date we will break down and detail these specific features in further steam posts. <b>There’s <i>so much</i> to talk about we can’t do it all in one post!</b><br><br><b><div class="bb_h1">Full Release Feature List</div></b><br><b>Russians Join The Fight</b><br>Say hello to the Russian faction.<br><br><b>Russian Weapons</b><br><ul class="bb_ul"><li> PPSh-41 Drum Magazine<br></li><li> SVT-40<br></li><li> Baikal 21 Double Barrel Shotgun<br></li><li> PPS-43 Stick Magazine <br></li><li> Fedorov Avtomat <br></li><li> Mosin Nagant <br></li><li> Mosin Nagant Scoped <br></li><li> TT-33 <br></li><li> RGD-33</li></ul><br><img src="" ><br><br><div class="bb_h1">New Maps</div><br><b>New Map: Vanguard</b><br>Play on the new russian snow map - Vanguard. This map has long open lanes &amp; lots of buildings to duel across with your mosin nagant &amp; kar98 rifles.<br><br><b>New Map: Docks</b><br>Take the fight to Italy in this homage to the rooftop rifle duels of toujane. A mix of tight &amp; open angles and a smaller map layout make fast rotations &amp; clutches nail biting.<br><br><b>New Map: Goldrush</b><br>This new map focuses on its free flowing arcadey layout within a french forest on the border of the german defensive line. Follow the train track into the heart of axis bunker system for close range combat - or snipe from the barn tower overlooking a key domination point. This map is open for many player choices. <br><br><i>We’ll be covering all of the new maps in more detail over the next few weeks.</i><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Improved Gamemodes</div><br><b>Introducing Faceit 5v5 Competitive Matchmaking</b><br>Faceit’s competitive matchmaking toolset is integrated directly into the game for free. Stats, rankings, matchmaking, tournaments and hubs are all built into the game menus.<br>More info coming soon...<br><br><b>New gamemode 1v1 Showdown</b><br>Run through Faceit matchmaking - prove you’re the best in 1v1 small deathmatch arena. More info coming soon…<br><br><b>New Gamemode - Free For All</b><br>This mode is accessible via the community server browser.<br><br><b>Improved Capture The Flag</b><br>Extra time &amp; overtime make this overhauled mode extremely fun!<br><br><b>Improved Domination</b><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Improved... Just about everything else!</div><br><b>New Challenge System</b><br>Get cosmetic rewards for completing quick fire, daily, weekly and community challenges.<br>More info coming soon…<br><br><b>Improved Character Visibility</b><br>Our new character shaders allow you to actually see who’s sniping at you!<br><br><b>Stat Tracking</b><br>In depth stat tracking lets you see your progress from season to season.<br><br><b>Leaderboards</b><br>Track who’s the best on your friends list at Battalion 1944.<br><br><b>Ingame Medals &amp; Rewards</b><br>Be proud of your achievements and show off your collection of accolades. <br>Get a sick 1 tap or 5 man clutch? There’s a medal for that.<br><br><b>Match History &amp; Replay System.</b><br>Competitive Wartide, Arcade all supported with full playback.<br><br><b>User Interface Overhaul</b><br>Much clearer and slicker ingame and main menu UI.<br><br><b>Audio Overhaul</b><br>Hear the snaps of bullets hitting beside you and hear your teammates warnings of incoming grenades - alongside new music triggers and voice lines, Battalion 1944 has never sounded better.<br><br><b>BattleRank Season 3</b><br>We’re launching a brand new season of Battlerank, our free ‘battlepass-like’ system, which lets players gain cosmetic rewards simply for playing the game. Every level rewards a free war chest This season brings brand new weapon skins for players to work to unlock through our reworked XP system that rewards how well you play - with a beautiful STG44 at the highest diamond rank.<br>More info coming soon…<br><br><b>New War Chest - The ‘Red Star’ Russian War Chest</b><br>Packed full of shiny new russian weapon skins &amp; can be earned for free through our new ingame challenge system.<br><br><b>General Fluidity &amp; Gameplay Improvements</b><br>This one is so big! We’ve made so many improvements to counter ‘bunny hopping’ and diversify away from the old ‘corner jumping’ meta alongside feedback from the community. We’ll be breaking this down more over the coming weeks - in the meantime ask our closed beta players their thoughts.<br><br><b>Much, much more!</b><br>These points only cover a small amount of the full changelist for full release.<br>Many minor quality of life changes have been worked on &amp; we can’t wait for you to try the full version of the game.<br><br><img src="" ><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Thankyou for your patience</div><br>Early Access hasn’t been an easy ride - we knew it never would be. However - full release will be a turning point for Battalion 1944. With the game being more stable and fun than ever - we cannot wait to see you on the servers again at full release.<br><br>Thanks,<br><i>Bulkhead Interactive</i><br>