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Summer Season Update LIVE - Knives, Headquarters and Gladiator DLC
Summer Season Update LIVE - Knives, Headquarters and Gladiator DLC

Summer Season Update
Hey all! We’re thrilled to be taking the first step in our long term support of Battalion 1944, starting with our first seasonal update that launches RIGHT NOW!

We’re calling this release the ‘Summer Season Update’.

This season will run for 2 months (along with a mid season balance update half way through!) and come with a whole host of community requests features and tweaks!

NEW Gamemode: Headquarters

Our new casual gamemode 'Headquarters' is great fun for all types of players. In this mode, teams must capture and hold a set point (HQ) that is randomly spawned in the map.. The longer it is held, the more points that team gains. However, the team that holds the headquarters only has 1 life each until the objective is either successfully defended or overrun by the ever respawning enemies!

The best HQ players will coordinate with their team to enforce an ironclad defensive perimeter around a captured headquarters in order to hold it. We can’t wait to see how players find ways to master this new fun gamemode!

The Gladiator Upgrade

Support Battalion’s ongoing development and invoke the strength and ruthlessness of Roman
Gladiators by adorning your weaponry with the markings of these ancient warriors.

The Gladiator’s Upgrade Pack is a limited time release which will be in stores until X Date.
Every purchase contributes directly to Battalion’s ongoing development. The Gladiator’s
Upgrade contains:
  • One Exclusive NEW Supporters Knife
  • Ten NEW Gladiator War Chests
  • The Battalion 1944 Digital Soundtrack

Players have been asking for a way to support Battalion 1944’s ongoing development costs - so as a reward for those who choose to help the future of Battalion as a franchise we’re giving everyone who picks up The Gladiators Upgrade will receive a brand new and exclusive ‘supporters’ knife with an inscription highlighting them as Battalion 1944 supporter.
We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to bringing many more updates to Battalion 1944!

You can purchase The Gladiators Upgrade on Steam for 33% off this week here.

The Gladiator War Chest
The Gladiators Warchest contains one skin for every primary weapon currently in the game, all themed around the Romans. Also hidden away deep within this regal chest is an incredibly rare item, the first ever knife added to Battalion 1944… The Gladiator Knife!

There are three ways to get these skins:

  • You can purchase them in-game by clicking 'Buy War Chests'
  • Buy 'The Gladiator DLC' on Steam and you'll receive 10 Gladiator War Chests AND the Limited Time Supporters Knife!
  • By hitting rank 100 in Season 5 of BattleRank, every rank after 100 will drop 1 Gladliator War Chest!

    Adding Knives

    This update brings our first 'new item' to your inventory and to the marketplace. We wanted to bring more high value items into the fold, enter knives. Whilst this update does not yet contain knife inspects, our Autumn Season Update will give you ample opportunity to show off your new knife collection.

    BattleRank Season 5 - Double the Size!
    As our seasons now last 2 months, we have doubled the amount of rewards in Season 5 to 21. The rewards are spread across 100 ranks instead of 50. Once you reach level 100, every time you rank up (101, 102 etc) you will receive one of the new Gladiator War Chests!

    Take a look at the skins in BattleRank Season 5

    Rework of Competitive Maps

    Map design is a clear area for improvement in Battalion 1944. That's why we'll be pulling Invasion, Docks, and Savoia from the competitive pool for Season 5. We will gradually reintroduce these maps, beginning with Invasion, which is aimed to be tested in our first mid season patch in one months time. We will heavily be involving the community in the map design process. Invasion's rework is being streamed regularly on our lead dev Brammertron's twitch channel[twitch.tv].

    Patch Notes

      Competitive Patch Notes
      • Tactical Timeout added to Wartide (30 Seconds) (1 per half)
      • Technical Timeout added to Wartide (60 Seconds) (1 per match)
      • M1 Carbine firing animation/ironsight lineup fixed
        Carbine firing animation now lines up correctly with the actual bullet direction
      • Invasion pulled from competitive map rotation for rework
      • Savoia pulled from competitive map rotation for rework
      • Docks pulled from competitive map rotation for rework
      • Wartide Max Tokens changed from 12 > 14
        Players should feel slightly less risk when buying a sniper and full nades now - as well as allowing SMG players to bank more tokens to donate to their scope player.
      • Thompson Range Nerf
      • MP40 Range Nerf
      • MP28 & Grease Gun Range Nerf
      • M1 Garand buff & cost in Wartide changed from 3 tokens to 4.
        Rate of fire increased by 4%
      • BAR cost in Wartide changed from 4 tokens to 3.
      Other Patch Notes
      • Headquarters mode added as Special Event
      • Health Feedback Overhauled (Blood Visuals & Sound Queues)
      • Health Regen Functionality & Speed Increase
        Now, when taking over 70 damage player will enter ‘critical’ status. The critical status is indicated to the player through new audio queues and increased intensity in the blood effects on screen. The player will not regenerate any health for ‘5 seconds’. After the freeze period is over, the player will regenerate to 100% health in ‘1 second’. The player will know when they have fully regenerated by the ‘relaxed breath’ sound queue.
      • Skins now save and transfer between rounds
        If you pick up a weapon off the ground, the skin will transfer between rounds until you die or pick up a different weapon
      • General sound fixes & audio improvements
        SVT reskinned to allow bullet movement for the fire anim so bullet gets chambered
      • PPS43 fire animation improved
      • Added inventory item duplicate number
        To show how many duplicates of one item you have in your inventory
      • Chat overlay background is now always visible
        This is to improve chat visibility on brighter maps
      • Minimap zoom out amount increased
      • Improved performance and visuals on water shaders
      • Knives added to game as item (inspects coming next season)
      Bug Fixes
      • Fixed fog/smoke bug
        There was a bug where players who had fog enabled could see the outline of other players in smoke on some maps. This has been fixed for Vanguard, Manorhouse, and Liberation. Please let us know if you have visual evidence of it happening on other maps
      • SVT animation fixes
      • Fixed some Coastal visibility collision issues
      • Play and Day streaks now showing correct values
      • Fixed Vanguard see through walls / collision issues
      • STG shot skipping bug fixed
      • BAR sprint interpolation animation bug fixed
      • Kar98 hipfire wrist animation clipping fixed
      • M1 Carbine left handed arm/clipping issue on animation
      • Fixed some locations where guns cannot be picked up on Liberation
      • Improved BAR idle animation and fixed wrist clipping
      • Fixed BattleRank skins not granting (any issues please use discord)
      • Fixed blood visual effect not resetting on spawn
      • Fixed 'haybale' collision
      • Various collision fixes
      • BAR vault animation bug fixed

    What's next?

    Community Manager Starting Next Week!
    Next week our community manager will be joining us and getting into the nitty gritty parts of the community! But don't worry, we want to keep a really strong connection between the devs and the players.

    Summer Mid Season Update
    The mid season patch gives us an opportunity to change any meta and balancing issues. It also allows us to test out a new map rework. On September 2nd 2019, we will push a game update that amongst other things will contain the ‘new rework’ for Invasion. The map will not be added to the competitive pool straight away but it will enter Unranked 5v5 in the Special Event queue. The idea is that this gives the community a whole month to test out our rework of Invasion and let us know what changes need to be made. Then, when the Autumn Season Update lands at the start of October, we will push the final version live to the game and Invasion will be re-added to the official competitive circuit (FACEIT). We believe this is the best way for us to improve one of our biggest issues, map design. Actively working with the community to solve their issues.

    Autumn Season (Season 6)
    The Autumn will begin in the first week of October 2019. this does not mean that we won't be updating the game.

    One Year Roadmap


    If you're wondering which direction we're looking to take Battalion, look no further. Last week we revealed our one year content plan for Battalion 1944.
    You can read that update here.

    Bulkhead Interactive


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