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Patch 23011 - BattleRank Season 4, Unranked Wartide & Shotgun Nerf LIVE!
Patch 23011 - BattleRank Season 4, Unranked Wartide & Shotgun Nerf LIVE!

Hey all!

Patch 23011 is now LIVE!
The entire server update process could take up to 2 hours of downtime.
See you on the other side!

Here's what is in this season's update:

Special Event - Unranked Wartide Trial

We’ve heard your requests for a casual Wartide queue. To replace the shotgun sendoff special event, we’re trialing an unranked version of Wartide in its place. It's important for players to understand that we need to be careful when implementing new playlists, as it further splits the playerbase between matchmaking queues - which could end up detrimental to the Battalion 1944 experience long term. We’ll be watching player distribution carefully to make a clear & informed decision on the queues permanence at a later date.

Another reason for this trial is to test for issues and bugs related to bots within Wartide. We would like to introduce bots to Faceit competitive play to alleviate the impact of leavers (allowing you to take control of a bot after you die if a teammate has left). However we want to use this trial to identify bugs and issues that can be fixed using the casual unranked setting before rolling out this change to competitive play.

However, we fully understand the desire for a fun & relaxed version of the gamemode that’s casual enough to enjoy without the pressures of ranked play.

We were concerned with 5v5 being too intense for new players. Hopefully with this playlist and its increased 10v10 player count, we can encourage new players to transition from arcade and learn the basic rules of Wartide, including map layouts and mechanics before queueing into competitive play. 10v10 will alleviate the pressure for inexperienced players with more players to kill and less focus on their individual play. Experienced players on the other hand will be able to take a break from competitive, frag out like it's arcade and indirectly show new players who are spectating tips, tricks and how to play in clutch situations.

Unranked Wartide Rules
  • 10v10.
  • MR6.
  • Knife Round Enabled.
  • Overtime Enabled (MR3)
  • Bots Enabled (Testing)
  • Lower match completion bonus than competitive play.

We’ll be watching how this plays out and looking in #bug_reports on the official Discord to see what issues arise!

Wartide XP Bonus

To balance out the XP gain between Wartide & Arcade playlists - we’re raising the match bonus reward for completing a match of Wartide to make sure your time is rewarded correctly!

BattleRank Season 4

With the end of a season comes a new one!
Exactly like last season - reach level 50 and you get the animated skin!

BattleRank Season 4 is now LIVE!

  • Bronze Level 1 | MP28 - Green Camo
  • Bronze Level 5 | Grease Gun - Ivory Three
  • Silver Level 10 | STG44 - Friend of Jack
  • Silver Level 15 | Kar98k - Grizzly Hunter
  • Gold Level 20 | M1 Garand - Deathbringer
  • Gold Level 25 | M1 Garand - Ivory Seven
  • Platinum Level 30 | MP40 - Wings
  • Platinum Level 35 | M1 Carbine - Ivory Six
  • Emerald Level 40 | STG44 - Ivory Eight
  • Emerald Level 45 | Thompson | Stealth Flawless
  • Diamond Level 50+ | Shotgun - Lionheart (ANIMATED)

Season 4 and its rewards were planned in advance and will function the same as the Season 3 - however next season we’ve got some new updates coming to the BattleRank implementation for more rewards simply for playing!

Shotgun Balance Changes

BattleRank Season 3’s most effective weapon has been brought back to earth for Season 4.
A combination of changes have made the weapon effective at close ranges only - making the weapon much less of a threat overall.

Due to community feedback and the obvious power of the shotguns they have been altered to become situational weapons that are intended to be played in close quarters ranges and off angles rather than an ‘all round’ weapon choice. This means there will be positions where the cheap 2 coin shotgun will have its place to allow you to surprise and pick off unprepared players and take their weapon as your own.

Shotgun Maximum Range Heavily Reduced
The longest possible range of the shotgun has been heavily reduced from 4096 units to 1536 units - meaning all shotgun pellets now become entirely ineffective after the 1536 unit range. This will stop players being able to finish off low health players with the shotgun at long range. Players will need to learn this new effective distance before taking shots that previously would have connected.

Damage has been slightly increased at very close range (within 512 units) - meaning only 3/8 pellets must hit the enemy to get a one shot kill.

At its new longest possible range (1536 units) - all pellets need to hit a target to get a 1 shot kill. In the majority of cases you’ll need to fire 2-3 pumps at this distance to hit enough pellets for a kill.

Between these new minimum and maximum ranges of 512 & 1536 units, damage will fall off the further away you are from the target.

Shotgun Crosshair & Spread Accurately Represented

Its very important to remember that shotgun damage is based on how many pellets connect with the target. The closer you are the tighter the spread! There is no RNG on where the pellets will land - it’s purely based on centering your aim over the player & making sure the pellets connect.

However - to help with communication we’ve decided to bring in the spread of the crosshair to more accurately portray where pellets will land - this will hopefully reduce the frustrating moments where a player at close range who has only part of their crosshair over the enemy misses due to none of the pellets connecting.

BAR Balance Changes

New BAR Ironsight to match the STG44

  • BAR now has 30 rounds instead of 20
  • BAR weapon reload sway reduced by 60%
  • New audio for firing
  • Cost increased from 3 > 4 Tokens

M1 Garand Changes
  • Cost Reduced from 4 > 3 Tokens

Knife Changes

To reduce the viability of ‘prone knifing’ we have reduced the reach of the knife when in any stance that isn’t standing, meaning you’ll have to be closer to the enemy to get a kill when in crouch or prone stance.

  • Standing has the furthest reach.
  • Crouching knifing has slightly less reach than standing
  • Prone knifing has significantly less reach than crouching

Map Changes

- Docks now has a wall to prevent allies sniping directly into the Axis spawn church

Bug Fixes & Misc
  • Potential fix for the ‘infinite reload’ bug (special thanks to supreme, bAAz and Tobin)
  • Potential fix for disappearing arms when using left handed viewmodel
  • Disabled all voting in FFA game modes to reduce abuse of the kick function.
  • Added profanity filter to ingame chat to help reduce abusive language
  • Fixed collision issues on multiple maps


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