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Year One FREE Content Roadmap Released!
Year One FREE Content Roadmap Released!

Hey all,

Today’s community update is about our new free content roadmap for 2019, which you can see above. We have a boatload of community requested features and updates we wish to implement during this first year of post release and beyond - what you’re seeing here is the tip of the iceberg for content this year.

It’s important to note that these are our goals, and regardless of when these things are released we can assure you that all of it is confirmed and in the pipeline of development. Furthermore, all of this post release content will be free to all players. Please bear in mind that this is only our plans for PC content - all these features are currently planned to also arrive within our future console versions of Battalion 1944.

Anyway, enough talking…

Lets finally show you guys the Battalion 1944 roadmap for a full year of post release content supported by Bulkhead Interactive & Square Enix Collective.

The Battalion 1944 Roadmap
The purpose of the following roadmap breakdown is not to announce tiny specific details - instead we’re here with a snapshot overview of what can be expected within this next year of Battalion 1944’s post release development with weekly, monthly and seasonal updates as well as a huge content release at the end of Year 1’s development.

Weekly News Update & Special Event Map Rotation
(Starting with the Summer Seasonal Update, August 1st 2019)
  • Different map added to Special Event rotation every week.
  • General hotfixes & smaller bug fixes if required weekly.
  • Development previews, map playtesting & teasers.

Larger Seasonal Updates (Roughly 8 weeks apart)
Summer Update, Autumn Update, Winter Update, Spring Update
  • New arcade & special event game modes.
  • New BattleRank season (new & unique skins).
  • New FACEIT competitive seasons (with improvements).
  • New War Chests (with new items).
  • Map reworks released.
  • Larger community requested features.
  • Larger bug fixes.
  • Surprise features & additions.

Mid Season Updates (Roughly 4 Weeks into a season)
Smaller Updates between Seasonal Updates (Roughly 4 weeks apart)
  • Weapon balance & meta changes.
  • New FACEIT competitive season.
  • Weapon and animation/audio overhauls.
  • Map rework playtesting.
  • Smaller community requested quality of life changes.
  • Bug Fixes.

Huge Content Release Early 2020
We can’t wait to start teasing this more… but expect a huge meta shift after this release
  • Celebrating one year of Battalion 1944 with a HUGE content release.
  • British faction added to competitive reworks of Savoia, Docks & Invasion.
  • British weapons added - yeah you heard that right Lee Enfield fans!
  • Everything usually included within a seasonal update.
  • Additional languages support.

^Click the above thumbnail for full size preview.

Commitment to Constant Improvement
In case you missed it, our last update detailed our renewed interest in commitment to long term support and growth. This won't happen overnight - however recommitment to the game from ourselves and Square Enix is an exciting prospect for the Battalion 1944 community. If you missed the last update and you’re interested in the position of Bulkhead on Battalion’s future, you can find our last update right here:
This means consistent updates and improvements based on features and quality of life requests you as the Battalion 1944 community have requested!

This commitment begins with August 1st's 'Summer Seasonal Update'.

Announcing $650,000 of Tournament & Competition Support
To support our competitive scene we are also investing further into the community.

We recently began the Blitzkrieg Open and Premier Leagues ran by ThePlays, offering $20,000 in prize winnings for the most dedicated Battalion players. This was only the first step in our plan to slowly and steadily grow the competitive scene of Battalion 1944.

You can sign up your team to play right here:

What’s next? We’re serious about growing Battalion from it’s grass routes beginnings, as a competitive shooter, over the next year and beyond. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be committing $650,000 towards the growth of multiple Battalion esports events. This doesn’t mean this is the only funding available for the future of Battalion, as things grow we intend to also grow our support of the competitive community.

Where can you as a player get yourself and your team some of that sweet cash as prize money? We’re planning multiple tournaments and events to give all players big reasons to play & improve at the game.

  • FACEIT Pro Series - An event geared towards pro level teams.
  • Major with Online Qualifiers.
  • Championships played in multiple regions.
  • Blitzkieg Premier and Open League support.
  • Online Tournament Support.

There’s going to be a lot of opportunities to compete as we grow as a company and Battalion grows as a franchise. This is just the beginning.

Summer Seasonal Update - Coming August 1st, 2019!

Next week we’ll be dropping the very first seasonal update of many for Year 1. This update is dubbed the ‘Summer Seasonal Update’. Every seasonal update is planned to be bigger & better throughout this year - it’s going to be a wild ride.

We can’t wait to show you guys next week what’s in store for August 1st and beyond!

Roadmap Release Celebration - Double XP Weekend!

To celebrate the roadmap release and the end of the current BattleRank season we’re going to be running a double XP weekend event to help prepare you for the Summer Seasonal Update.

Double XP weekend will run from Friday 26th 12:00 BST - Monday 29th 12:00 BST.

Have fun with your last chance to earn those sweet BattleRank skins before the season ends!

Earn FREE War Chests - FACEIT Missions This Weekend!

Fire up Battalion this weekend and complete FACEIT competitive missions to win War Chests!

  • Play 10 Competitive Games - 5 Red Star Chests
  • Win 10 Competitive Games - 1 Heroes Chests
  • Win 50 Competitive Games - 3 Heroes Chests

Bulkhead Interactive


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