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Update 2.5 Developer Preview
[Image: dc04ed153d3c8c5fd08e38bd43c7137f2e52d903.jpg]

A major change to the Wartide economy design is coming

Today we’re ready to reveal what we’ve been working on and testing behind the scenes. We are gearing up for full release in February which is now just a few months away! We wanted to start getting all those little early access bugs out the way. This has taken up a significant chunk of time from the programmers, however it's been time well spent as the game feels a lot more polished than it did 3 months ago. The complete list of bug fixes will be released on the 2.5 Update release day.

Update 2.5 has a planned release date of 13th September 2018
We’ve been reading reviews, comments, and often lengthy detailed feedback posts which has lead us to make the following changes.
  • Tokens will no longer drop to the ground when a player is killed. Instead the token will be directly awarded to the player who gets the kill. 
  • Invasion will be ‘officially’ returning as a competitive Wartide map to be used in tournaments and competitive events. Most if not all of the issues reported have been fixed, thank you to the community members who reported issues. 
  • HUD is now scalable (see video below)
  • Weapon Sway Increased on SMG’s. The weapon sway has also been improved to be more in line with classic FPS games
  • Weapon speed changes
  • MP28 is now the same speed as the MP40Grease Gun is now the same speed as ThompsonPistol speed has been increased
  • Map Changes to Savoia
    New features - Coming 13/09/2018
  • Timer is now red when a bomb is planted
  • New console command so admins can grant coins to a specific player
  • New console commands to grant weapons and grenades to specific players
  • Spectators can now zoom the radar out all the way so they can see the whole map
  • Server now writes game events to a JSon formatted log file. After a game has ended, this file is moved to a game specific folder for later accessing.
  • Implemented auto balancing that will balance players without splitting parties at the end of a game based on the whole party's performance
  • Social menu is now more integrated in with the pause menu.
  • TAA now available as an anti-aliasing option.
  • Jumping off ladders now pops you up off the ladder instead of just dropping you down.
  • Jumping off ladders now takes into account your direction and will push you off in the direction you are facing.
  • Rotation on the ladder is now locked 90 degrees either side.
  • Added server admin command to give frag and smoke grenades to users by SteamID
  • Bomb explosion now works based on radius, so players can no longer survive by hiding behind bricks
  • Now when a player on allies saves and loses the round, they do not receive a loss bonus.
  • Cleaned up the lan creation screen so that the advanced options are now categorised and have tooltips.
  • Crosshair no longer disappears while sprinting
  • Can now use connect command to connect to a different server or reconnect to the same server without having to manually leave the game beforehand
  • Can now select which screen the game displays on in a multi-monitor setup.
  • [Image: b120f397909ab5114432ad356a39c1930a331bcb.jpg]
[Image: spoon.png]

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